Cincinnati’s Own Supergroup

Leading the Cincinnati Vampires is your friendly, neighborhood OMEB! OMEB started the Cincy Vamps to put together a ‘supergroup’ of Cincinnati musicians to play bigger shows, namely opening for national acts.

Chris Walz has been OMEB’s musical partner in crime for the last 20 years. Chris has performed in various groups over the years ranging from Vinny Appice’s Sabbath Knights, Black Roses (w/ OMEB) and Spambone.

There isn’t a musician in Cincinnati who doesn’t know, or want to know, Kathy Laverde! She’s a regular at the Rock Camps and has performed with more rock stars than we can count (we’re all jealous)! She lays down a solid bass and brings the ‘party’ to every show.

(Is there anyone she doesn’t know?)

Dan Laverde, son of Kathy, is a young drummer making waves on the national music scene! If you’ve not seen him with the Vampires, you’ve probably seen him holding down the groove with Geoff Tate playing all the Queensrÿche classics. Danny, as we affectionately call him, is going places!


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